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Runner's Beaded Keychain with horse hair

$ 35.00

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This  beaded keychain, made by Robert A. Horse, has a buffalo on one side.  The keychain measures 3 inches, plus 3 inches of suede fringe.

This item is a beaded peyote stitch key chain with leather fringe. The total length is 8 inches long with the beaded area 2 1/4 inches long & the fringe is buckskin leather & its 4 inches long. It is made with size 11 glass seed beads. The metal ring is 1 1/4 inches in diameter.

This key chain is made on a wooden dowel rod with leather wrapped around it & cut into fringe on the bottom. The leather that holds the ring is glued into slots in the wood then covered with the leather. The bead work takes many hours to do & complete.