SweetGrass Trading Co. Wild Rice

$ 19.99

SweetGrass Trading Company is proud to bring you natural Leech Lake Wild Rice from the pristine lakes and rivers of Northern Minnesota. We believe it is the best wild rice anywhere in the world because it is naturally grown as nature intended by members of the Leech Lake Indigenous community. The traditional harvest is taught from generation to generation and is a binding activity of culture, empowerment, and in the modern world – it provides economic sustainability. These things ensure the harvest is conducted in such a way to respect and honor mother nature. Leech Lake Wild Rice is considered to be one of the best in flavor, cleanliness, and overall quality over any cultivated rice (paddy) sold in stores today. The difference is our rice is based on the lakes, environment, and seasons. These factors contribute to the flavors and quality of the rice. Northern Minnesota and the Leech Lake Reservation is home to some of the healthiest lakes and rivers in the United States.