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$ 38.00

Digital print by Jose Flores. Printed on thick, bright white, textured Fine Art paper with archival pigmented inks. These inks not only provide beautiful vivid color, but are also designed to last 300 years. 13x19in


In this piece the boy is wearing a cloak with the lxil Maya weaving. The numerous colorful lozenges represent the world with its four cardinal points and its cubic center with the scared Ceiba tree.

In the middle of the cloak is the Nawal (Energy) glyph of Q'anil (Seed). Q'anil is the creation of life, and Mother Nature in particular. It is the day to ask for the germination of sacred corn and everything else that Mother Nature produces. The four cardinal points are present in this sign. It is procreation and symbolizes the four colors of corn. It is the day of full realization and knowledge. It is ancestral, intuitive knowledge that seeks roots, like a germinating plant, then rises to the surface and grows great heights. All of this occurs step by step and in due time

Painted under the child's eyes is the number thirteen. The number thirteen is held as sacred in Mayan spirituality. One of the many reasons are how the number appears throughout nature and universe.