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Native Buffalo Artwork Mug Set With Free Coffee

$ 45.00

A beautiful set of 11 oz. Coffee Mugs. This set will be a conversation starter for everyone who sees it. Dreamstarter and Lakota Artist Annie Chasing Hawk designed this piece and provided the story for it.

Limited Time Only!

Purchase this set of mugs and receive a bag of Year 5 Dreamstarter Joshua Smith's Ekowah Coffee absolutely free!

  • Four Direction Spirit Buffalo Mug - The buffalo each represent a direction. North, South, East and West. As long as the buffalo run together, they can go in any direction
  • Roaming Buffalo Mug- Certain bands of Lakota people followed the honored buffalo. The buffalo followed their tracks during different times of the year in their roaming cycle.
  • Spirit of The Buffalo Mug- The buffalo spirit is very important to the Lakota people, over 196 uses are detailed in the culture for a single buffalo.
  • Spirit of the Lakota People- The Lakota people use nearly every part of the scared buffalo. The buffalo sustains, clothes and shelters us.