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Beaded Dream Catcher DC20-5

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Colors: Purple, White, Orange

About the Dream Catcher: Dream Catchers are an important part of many Native American Tribes’ traditions. The Dream Catcher is typically made by bending and tying the pliant branch of a local tree such as a chokecherry or willow so that it forms a circular frame. An intricate pattern, often made from grass or horsehair, is then woven onto the circle to create a web similar to a spider’s, enabling it to catch both good and bad dreams as they travel during the night’s quiet hours. 

Which dreams are caught depends on a tribe’s individual teachings. Many tribes believe that bad dreams are filled with confusion, causing them to struggle in the Dream Catcher’s web until the sun’s rays burn them away in the morning. Thus only good dreams find their way to the web’s center, where they pass through the hole bringing pleasant dreams to the sleeping mind.