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Bolsa Medium

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The Quechua people of Chawaytiri live close to the ancient city of Machu Pichu, Peru.   At present, economic activity in the high-altitude region – more than 10,000 feet elevation – is limited to agriculture, primarily potatoes, and ranching, primarily llamas. There has also been increased focus on weaving using the wool of the llamas and natural plants for dyes. 

The work of the Chawaytiri was introduced to Running Strong by a team of researchers from the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian researching and documenting the men, women and children of this Quechua-speaking community of weavers and herders.   

These woven pieces in this collection are from this handiwork of the weavers of Chawaytiri.   All proceeds from the sales of these woven items help to preserve the archeology of the community as well as provide some much needed revenue for the sustenance of the Chawaytiri families.

Dimensions: W: 10 X 15 (W x L)