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Sequoia Body Scrub

Sequoia Body Scrub

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Gentle enough for everyday use. This body scrub will give you a healthy glow by encouraging cell renewal. This emulsified scrub turns into a lotion keeping your skin thoroughly moisturized and smooth.

• smooths and refines skin
• removes dead skin cells
• made with organic olive oil and pure cane sugar
• 99.25% natural ingredients

Directions:  Scoop a small amount of body scrub and massage into skin. This is an emulsified scrub which when combined with water from your bath or shower turns into a moisturizing lotion. Sugar crystals dissolve slowly providing just the right amount of scrubbing effect.

Size/Weight: 5oz


Red Clover

Remember all those wonderful afternoons sitting with your favorite elder, sipping herbal tea and listening to all those wonderful old stories handed down from generation to generation? The scent of this scrub reminds us of those timeless moments. Our Red Clover body scrub has a delicious herbal tea scent, delicately sweet with notes of fruit.

Scent Family: Red Clover

    Description:Sweet with a touch of herbal



    Skywoman is a very unique scent, starting with a mystical and citrus-like background.  Under the notes you can sense the sweetness of fruits, the elegant soft fragrance of exotic flowers, with a slight ocean spray touching the air.

    Scent Family: Citrus + Floral

      Description: Plumeria flowers mixed with a blend of citruses 



      Sweetgrass is a lot harder to find now days as it grows and thrives in a wild environment. We've captured this 'wildness' and now give everyone the opportunity to experience it. Our Sweetgrass Body Scrub would be wonderful addition to your self care routine several times a week. This will exfoliate and moisturize your skin without leaving a greasy residue. This proprietary scent blend is exclusive to Sequoia, you will not find it anywhere else. 

      Scent Family: Sweetgrass

        Description:Sweetgrass is our most popular scent in all of our products. It is a beautiful grassy scent with just a hint of sweetness.


        Blackberry Sage

        Two ingredients that are widely used in herbal medicines, our Blackberry Sage Scrub combines the sweet and tart scent of blackberries and herbal tones of sage. 

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