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Fringe Earring Beading Kit

Fringe Earring Beading Kit

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Each Kit includes:

1 plastic case
1 pair of scissors w/ canvas bag
2 pack of Nymo White Thread bobbins (Size D)
10 Sterling Silver earrings hooks, connectors, and backs
2 bottles of 3mm beads
6-8 5g bags of assorted size 11 Toho Seed Beads

Bead color schemes - 
Fire Colors: red, light orange, bright yellow, yellow gold, orange gold, and white
Sea Colors: dark green, lime green, turquoise, periwinkle, light blue, blue, forest green, mauve
Sunset Colors: turquoise, red, orange, bright yellow, periwinkle, black, white, white gold
Neutral Colors: dark brown, light brown, cream, white, black, gray, tan, and white gold

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