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Red Rebel

Red Rebel

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Digital print by Jose Flores. Printed on thick, bright white, textured Fine Art paper with archival pigmented inks. These inks not only provide beautiful vivid color, but are also designed to last 300 years. 13x19in

"Red Rebel"

Star Wars, one of the greatest sagas ever written. The influence of Native American Culture in parts of the Star Wars story is not often spoken about even though George Lucas clearly was inspired by it.

Princess Leia's hairstyle comes from Hopi Nation. The Squash Blossom hairstyle is a Symbol of Fertility. 

The "Force" is based on the Native Philosophy of the living energy that is all around us and how we must maintain the balance. Multiple Native Nations have this is common. 

The chose Hero Twins. Hero Twins are found in several stories in Native American cultures. In which many instances they bring balance to the world and represent the duality that exists in our universe. Like on the Maya Popol Vuh they became the Moon and Sun after avenging their fathers death in the underworld.

The rebel base on Yavin 4 in Star Wars: Episode IV is shot in the actual ancient Maya city of Tikal, Guataemala.

In 562 AD, the ancient Maya city of Caracol fought against Tikal, in what archeology calls a "star war". These ceremonial wars were fought and planned based on astronomical events, usually the first appearance of the planet Venus. Scholars have determined that Maya inscriptions assign episodes of warfare to four distinct categories, each represented by its own glyph. The most significant Maya battles were described with a "STAR WAR" glyph.


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