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Sequoia - Four Bars of Soap Gift Set

Sequoia - Four Bars of Soap Gift Set

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Four Bars of Soap that were carefully selected to be together and packaged in a giftable box! 


Scent Family/ Details: 

Four Medicines - inspired by the four sacred medicines. 

1. Sweetgrass - Slightly sweet grassy scent topped with sweetgrass
2. Cedar - Cedarwood essentail oil topped with sprigs of cedar
3. Sage - Herbal/clean scent of sage
4. Sacred Tobacco - Smooth honey tobacco with hints of vanilla + patchouli

Traditions - inspired by Indigenous traditions.

1. Turquoise - A fresh, clean scent with hints of apple, sage, and pineapple
2. Beaded Moccasin - Almond scent with poppy seeds for exfoliation
3. Cradleboard - Lavender and Chamomile, captures the scent of a newborn baby
4. Jingle Dress - A fruity/floral blend with hints of perfume

Legends - inspired by Indigenous legends and storytelling.

 1. Skywoman - A perfect blend of citrus and floral
2. Turtle Island - An earthy blend of Patchouli and Spearmint
3. Stone Mother - Activated charcoal with Tea Tree and Peppermint oils
4. Storyteller - An orange spice tea blend

Night Sky -  inspired by the moon and stars. All 3 moon soaps are made with Moon Water, charged with the energy of a full moon and contain activated charcoal.

1. Harvest Moon - A blend of apple cider and spicy notes
2. Blood Moon - Scented with citruses like grapefruit and yuzu
3. Winter Moon - A fresh/clean outdoorsy blend with notes of forest
4. Seven Dancers - Inspired by the legend of the Big Dipper, a citrus/floral blend

Sweet Blends - bright, sweet and succulent scents with striking coloring. 

1. Red Clover - Sweet with a touch of herbal notes
2. Strawberry Rhubarb - Strawberry with just a hint of tart rhubarb
3. Moon Dance - A blend of citruses including orange, mandarin, tangerine
4. Beautiful Day - A blend of citrus, with jasmine, pineapple and cucumber


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